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Sex with Paul Rudd for $1? New Yorkers say 'yes!' to 'Billy on the Street'

New Yorkers looking to make a quick buck were in luck if they came across Billy Eichner and Paul Rudd during a new episode of "Billy on the Street."

Breathlessly confronted by the microphone-wielding Eichner, women and men on the street were participants in a lightning round of "Would you like to have sex with Paul Rudd?"

The willing outnumbered the unwilling by a count of about 8-4. One man wanted $5 instead of $1 and two women volunteered to do it for no money. Another woman said no because she's married, and another man declined because Rudd is a man.

With the 45-year-old actor sheepishly in tow as they ran down the street, Eichner, waving his fistful of dollars, said he thought Rudd could have gotten more "yes" replies, if not for one 2010 film.

"You should have never done 'Dinner for Schmucks!' I told you that!" Eichner yelled.