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'Sex and the City' almost had different very different opening credits

The iconic HBO show's opening credits were almost very different.
/ Source: TODAY

If you love “Sex and the City,” you undoubtedly also love the show’s opening credits.

Few show credits have managed to fully capture a character as well as the image of a tutu-clad Carrie Bradshaw being splashed by a city bus donning her own image.

When you watch it you understand her. She’s confident and clearly talented — why else would she have an ad on a bus — but relateable and humble.

So when Entertainment Weekly announced that they had unearthed an alternate opening title, we didn’t so much run as saunter up to it with caution. This piece of history is fairly perfect and we’d like it left alone, thank you.

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In this alternate cut, Carrie is walking in a clingy, A-line ensemble when she trips very subtly on her heel. She brushes it off, does a twirl and goes on her merry way with a sly grin.

Look, the dress is beautiful, and obviously no one could have rocked it like SJP, but we’re sticking firmly on the side of team tutu.

Apparently the tutu was a point of contention.

According to Entertainment Weekly, show creator Darren Star and Sarah Jessica Parker were always in favor of the tutu, but the producers didn’t understand it.

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Star, however, saw it as Carrie “dancing through her life in New York.”

We’re loving the symbolism that she’s dancing through a less-than-perfect, weird and wonderful life, even if it is a little frustrating at times.

Now, if you need us we’ll be binging “Sex and the City” all day.