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Seth Rogen 'phones it in' for his 'Saturday Night Live' promos

Seth Rogen may be a talented actor, writer and producer, but he doesn't impress "Saturday Night Live" cast member Aidy Bryant. At least, not with his line delivery. 

In promos for this week's show, she scolds the actor for what she thinks is a subpar performance.

"Maybe try one again where you don't phone it in next time?!" she demands before adding, "Shut your mouth and do it again!" 

When the second try still doesn't meet her standards, she snaps, "Nope! No no no! Mmm. Bad."

There's a reason she's so tough on the actor, who's returning to host the comedy show for a third time. It turns out these are Bryant's first "SNL" promos — and she's very excited about them.

"It's my first promos! Come on promos! This week is about me! Everybody else is dumb! Dumb!" she sings in another teaser. "I am the star! And I'll live forever!"

Ed Sheeran will be the musical guest.

"Saturday Night Live" airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

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