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'Sesame Street' spoofs 'Sons of Anarchy'

Whoever thought the violent bikers on FX hit "Sons of Anarchy" could be so adorable? The folks at "Sesame Street," that's who!

"Sons" has become the latest adult drama to get the Muppet treatment, following in the felted footsteps of "Downton Abbey," "Mad Men," "True Blood" and more. And just as it has before, "Sesame Street" worked its magic and turned a gritty adult show into a fun bit of learning for the little ones while entertaining Mom and Dad too.

In the latest parody, Jax, Clay, Tig and Bobby are riding around on their loud bikes. But instead of breaking bones, selling guns and other illegal business, the outlaws are showing off their rhyming skills. That's right, they're the Sons of Poetry.

When Victorian poet Robert Browning has trouble rhyming a word with "blue" in a poem for his lady love, fellow poet Elizabeth Barrett, the bikers roar up to the rescue.

Unfortunately for Mr. Browning, the solutions the rowdy gang of guys offered up didn't exactly fit what Miss Barrett thought was supposed to be a piece for her. (But hey, the guys did make the poem rhyme!) 

Watch the clip above to see how the leather-clad Muppets made the words work.