Welcome to Jurassic Cookie! 'Sesame Street' hilariously spoofs 'Jurassic World'

/ Source: TODAY

Is Cookie Monster safe from the giant prehistoric cookie? And is the giant prehistoric cookie safe from Cookie Monster?

Those are the questions addressed in "Jurassic Cookie," the inevitable "Sesame Street" parody of "Jurassic World," which hit the Web Monday.

The hilarious five-minute video sees Cookie Monster as a "brilliant scientist" with a seemingly groundbreaking idea: "Me take little piece of cookie found in zillion-year-old rock, turn it into big cookie and open super-duper theme park!"

However, his plans go awry when the giant gingerbread confection turns out to be terrifying.

"First time cookie ever tried to eat me!" Cookie Monster gasps as he's chased through the park.

Fortunately, he and his companions stumble upon a helpful sign, but the last word of its instructions — "In case of giant prehistoric cookie emergency just H" — is cut off, forcing the group to figure out what the crucial H-word could be. Hula? Halibut?

As it turns out, all the giant prehistoric cookie needs is a big hug — which, naturally, prompts Cookie Monster to observe, "This giant prehistoric cookie smells delicious!" leading to a reverse chase.

Watch the adorable video above.