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Serena Williams names her top tennis player of all time, and the move she'd steal

What sport would Serena Williams master if tennis weren't her game? The champ reveals that and more in Vogue's latest 73 Questions video.
/ Source: TODAY

On the tennis court, Serena Williams is unstoppable — and practically unbeatable.

The 34-year-old claimed the top women's honor at Wimbledon earlier this month, and when it comes to raking in Grand Slams, she's tied with great Steffi Graf.

But what sport would she master if tennis weren't her game? That's just one of the questions Williams answered for Vogue's latest installment of 73 Questions, and her answer may surprise you.

Perhaps she'd swap the tennis court for a basketball court and channel the power of her serve into formidable half-court shots? Nope. Williams says basketball just isn't her strong suit.

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Maybe she'd trade in her full-sized racket for the small paddle of table tennis? "I'm probably the world's worse pingpong player," she tells Vogue.

Instead, Williams would refine her already elegant moves in a very different venue.

"I would do ballet!" she says with a smile.

And we have no doubt she'd be just as unstoppable on the dance floor.

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As for the rest of her revelations, Williams is an open book:

Her go-to '80s power ballad for karaoke night? "Eye of the Tiger"

If she could only eat one food forever? Tacos.

What's the one thing she can't live without? God.

Who's the greatest tennis player of all time? Steffi Graf and Roger Federer.

What she can't do but wishes she could? Sing.

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Superhero name: Superena.

And what does she think would happen if she accidentally hit someone with her serve? "OK, we would have to immediately stop everything, call 911 and rush them to the hospital," she answers without hesitation.

Watch the clip to learn even more!

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