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See Selena Gomez’s relatable response after TikTok ribbed her for her relationship history

The singer recently confirmed her single status while at a soccer match.

Like her fans, TikTok also has opinions about Selena Gomez’s taste in men.

On July 13, the 30-year-old tried on a viral TikTok filter that claims to tell users why they’re still single. At the start of the 10-second clip, the “Only Murders in the Building” actor watches as the filter cycles through various reasons for her relationship status.

While she waits, “Holding Out for a Hero” by Pat Benatar plays in the background.

The TikTok filter goes on to shuffle through its potential answers, flashes of which include “You are focused on your career,” “Too many defenses,” “Fear of intimacy,” and “Low self-esteem.”

Gomez smiles while she waits until the filter finally lands on the answer, “You have bad taste,” which immediately sends her into a profound gasp in amusement.

“Well thats rude tik tok,” she captioned the post.

On the same day, Gomez used another TikTok filter in a since-deleted post. This time the filter claims to estimate a user’s red flags.

Eventually, the filter settles on “Binge watches tv,” “Buys $10 lattes,” and “Messy” as Gomez’s top three vices.

Though she grimaces at first, Gomez ultimately nods her head in agreement.

“Just to make it fair,” she captioned the TikTok. “They missed a few tho lol.”

Gomez has been playful about her status on the app as of late.

On June 8, she shared a TikTok of herself while at a soccer game which sees her shout “I’m single” to the players on the field.

“I’m just a little high maintenance,” she adds. “But I’ll love you so much.” 

Interest in Gomez’s romantic history has prevailed throughout her career.

The “Selena + Chef” star has been linked to actor Taylor Lautner as well as singers Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth and The Weeknd, according to People.

Out of all her relationships, the actor’s on-again, off-again relationship with singer Justin Bieber has potentially gained the most attention. The couple famously met as teenagers and dated in intervals between December 2010 to March 2018.