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By Randee Dawn

On Sunday, "Seinfeld" fans finally learned what the "big, huge, gigantic project" that Jerry Seinfeld had been teasing was. A preview that ran during the Super Bowl revealed a mini "Seinfeld" reunion with former co-stars Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight on a new episode of the funnyman's web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Naturally, tweets followed from Seinfeld and Alexander after the ad aired.

Fans were quick to share their excitement for the project.

The project also got the TODAY anchors talking. Matt Lauer said Monday that he got "about 300 tweets" from people who had looked at Seinfeld and decided he and Lauer had been separated at birth. "I don't see it, but I'm flattered," said Lauer. "Jerry's a great guy."

Seinfeld has been interviewing celebrities since 2012, picking them up in various cars and driving to get coffee. But this episode had a twist. Both he and Alexander were in character — Seinfeld as his sitcom alter ego, and Alexander as George Costanza — at the show's legendary diner.

The project got almost whole month of teasing, starting with Seinfeld's Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session in early January. A week later the hype increased when Seinfeld and Alexander were spotted outside of Tom's Restaurant in New York, the exterior of which was used on the show. Finally, just days before the Super Bowl itself, Seinfeld went on a radio show and teased his "secret project" with Alexander and other "Seinfeld" alumni.

The Super Bowl tease was just the beginning, of course. A full version is now available on, and is like a mini-"Seinfeld" episode. Jerry picks up George in a 1976 AMC Pacer and says, "I love this car for three reasons: It doesn't work, looks ridiculous, and falls apart. Which makes it the perfect car for my guest today, Mr. George Costanza. George was my best friend for almost every single day of the 1990s."

After the pair leaves Jerry's Super Bowl party at halftime (a party where the duo make up the only guests), they head over to their usual haunt for a bite. But Jerry can't contain his disappointment at not being at the Wasserstein's party, which he skipped because George was barred thanks to his bad behavior (he "over-cheered") at a prior Super Bowl party.

Ever the good friend, Costanza gives Seinfeld the blessing to see the second half of the game at the Wassersteins without him. Seinfeld is about to take off ... when his arch-nemesis Newman (Wayne Knight) strolls by with danish pastries for the Wasserstein party. 

"Newman," grouses Seinfeld, taking off his jacket to stay with his friend.