See for your selfie: Ellen crams big stars into one record-setting Oscar photo

Image: Ellen selfie with stars
By Kurt Schlosser

Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres just wanted a little selfie with some of her friends in the audience on Sunday night. She ended up cramming some of the biggest stars in Hollywood into one shot — and breaking Twitter in the process.



DeGeneres started off trying to get a photo with Meryl Streep, and then Streep asked Julia Roberts to join in the fun. DeGeneres then told Brad Pitt to hop up, and before long Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o (and her brother), Jared Leto, Kevin Spacey and Channing Tatum were all squeezed into the frame. And Bradley Cooper served as photographer.

DeGeneres' hope of generating massive re-tweets didn't fall on a sleeping television audience as it racked up hundreds of thousands in the first 30 minutes and quickly went over 1 million — a record which eclipsed this 2012 photo from President Obama. The photo had soared passed 2.5 million retweets by Monday morning.


Twitter went on the fritz shortly after the DeGeneres selfie landed, and the Academy was happy to take credit.



DeGeneres took the stage a short time later and announced that they'd heard from Twitter, they'd crashed the site and indeed set a new photo re-tweet record.

From her seat behind the action, model Christine Teigen offered another view of the fun photo op.