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See Willie Geist surprise Awkwafina's grandmother during her interview

Willie Geist has been wanting to meet “Grandma Fina” for a while.
Nathan Congleton/TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

What a sweet surprise!

When Awkwafina stopped by the fourth hour of TODAY to talk about her new movie, “The Farewell,” she brought her beloved grandmother with her to the studio.

It turns out Awkwafina had a big surprise in store for her grandmother: meeting Willie Geist!

The Sunday TODAY host surprised "Grandma Fina" during Awkwafina’s interview with a big bouquet of flowers.

“My name’s Willie. I met your wonderful granddaughter last week when we were talking about this movie, and she thought we should meet,” he said. “So here we are.”

Willie is a big fan of Grandma Fina!
Willie is a big fan of Grandma Fina!Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Willie has been wanting to meet Awkwafina’s grandmother ever since his recent interview on Sunday TODAY with the actress. Awkwafina told him what a special role her grandma has played in her life, revealing that her grandma helped raise her after her mother passed away when she was 4.

“My grandma was everything. She did save me, you know?” the actress and rapper said. “She taught me to be strong. She was a gift in every way.”

“What she did teach me was unconditional love for your family...being raised by her was very special," Awkwafina said about her grandmother.
“What she did teach me was unconditional love for your family...being raised by her was very special," Awkwafina said about her grandmother.Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Her grandmother has even made cameos in some of Awkwafina’s music videos, and she’s apparently completely on board with Awkwafina’s sometimes risque lyrics.

“Man, no joke was ever too dirty for her!” Awkwafina said with a laugh.

“I love your grandma and I don’t even know her,” Willie said, adding later, “I would love to meet Grandma Fina.”

Not long after, his wish came true! Grandma Fina seemed thrilled and slightly overwhelmed to be on TV meeting Willie, Savannah and Jenna. But she took it in her stride, and even shared a sweet childhood story about Awkwafina.

“She’s the family entertainer,” she said. “When she was about six years old, she started to make us laugh. And then every time when we’d get together big family, she makes us laugh, roll on the floor … I’m glad I still live to watch her success.”

“I’m happy to meet everybody,” she told Willie.

And everybody was happy to meet you, Grandma Fina!