Surprise! See who shocked Ellie Kemper on her first day on TODAY's Take

by Ree Hines /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Ellie Kemper is joining in the fun in the 9 a.m. hour on TODAY, and Monday marked her first day on duty.

Of course, Tamron Hall, Willie Geist and Natalie Morales couldn't let an occasion like that go by without a celebration, so they welcomed Kemper to the Take table with a surprise.

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The unexpected event? A call from Kemper's adorable mom, Dotty.

Ellie Kemper suprised on TODAY's Take
Ellie Kemper suprised on TODAY's Take.

It's clear the comic actress didn't see that coming!

"Is that my mom?" she said when she first heard that familiar voice. "Oh, my gosh! Mom?! ... You've never kept a secret like this. Like, are you my mother?"

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"Well, you just let out my biggest secret," her quick-witted parent shot back.

Ellie Kemper gets a surprise call – from her hilarious mom
It’s like the first day of school for Ellie Kemper as she begins a guest gig on TODAY’s Take. To make her feel welcome, the TODAY anchors review her comedy career and take a surprise phone call from Ellie’s mom Dotty, who advises Ellie to “sit up straight!”TODAY

Mom just wanted to wish her daughter good luck on first day. After all, she's already given her advice for the gig.

"Sit up straight!" Kemper recalled the words of wisdom.

Check out the clips to see all the fun we had with the "Unbreakable" star Monday, and be sure to tune into to TODAY's Take to see even more from her.

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