See what the spooky twins from 'The Shining' look like today

IMAGE: Twins from "The Shining"
Twins from "The Shining"Warner Bros. via YouTube

They helped give identical twins a totally terrifying reputation. Lisa and Louise Burns, who played the Grady daughters who horrify little Danny Torrance in 1980's "The Shining," disappeared from the public eye after the movie's release. But on Wednesday, the British sisters resurfaced when the British Film Institute tweeted a photo of how they look today.



The women were attending the 50th anniversary screening of Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove." (Kubrick also directed "The Shining.") 

They're not wearing matching blue party dresses this time around, and thankfully they're looking healthy and fit. In the movie, the girls have been murdered with an axe after their hotel-caretaker father developed the world's worst case of cabin fever, and Danny's father, played by Jack Nicholson, is heading down that same murderous road. 

"Come and play with us, Danny, forever, and ever, and ever," they coax in spookily calm British tones, just before the film flashes to their dead and bloody bodies. (Warning: You may want to skip the video for this very reason.)

While the Burns sisters are identical twins, the Grady sisters weren't supposed to be — they were supposed to be aged 8 and 10. But since the real actresses were twins, it was assumed by most viewers that the fictional girls were twins too. 

Turns out the Burns twins have a shared Twitter account and Facebook page, and "Shining" fans still find them fascinating. Lisa Burns also has her own solo Twitter account

Wondering which twin is which? In a tweet to Lisa, Louise Burns says that Lisa is on the left in the movie photo, but on the right in the recent shot. "The clue is in the chin!" she writes.