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See the sweet note Taylor Swift sent newlyweds with a modern 'Love Story'

Taylor Swift sent her two biggest fans an unforgettable wedding gift that left them with tears of joy.
/ Source: TODAY

When Taylor Swift found out that two of her biggest fans were living out a real-life “Love Story” with their January wedding, the country singer stepped in and added a little extra magic.

Brittany Lewis got down on one knee for her high school sweetheart Alexas Gonzales in November of 2016, proposing with the words of Swift’s famed love song: “So I talked to your dad, now it’s time to pick out a white dress ... will you marry me?”

Gonzales said "yes."

The lyric-inspired proposal was neither the first nor the last time that Taylor Swift interceded in the modern fairy tale.

Lewis proposed with a sentimental, candle-lit moment that brought Gonzales to tears.Alexas Gonzales

Gonzales and Lewis began dating in 2008, the same year Swift debuted her hit song.

“We always related so much to all of her songs,” Gonzales, 25, told TODAY. “With our age at the time and the whole high school love stage ... Brittany would make me CDs in high school and write notes on them. It was always all of Taylor’s music.”

“Every word in ‘Love Story’ explains our story,” Lewis, 26, told TODAY.

Both Lewis and Gonzales’ families didn’t always support their daughters’ relationship, according to the duo. “It wasn’t always easy for us to be together. We had lots of ups and downs but, truly, our life ended up playing out exactly like that song,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales remembered the hug her new husband and her father shared at the wedding reception as a huge moment for the entire family. Alexas Gonzales

Nine years later, Lewis wanted to make Swift’s “Love Story” lyrics come to life again with a creative wedding gift. That's when the pop star stepped up to help.

“I was thinking about cute ideas for a wedding gift and I was like well, I could email Taylor’s team and ask about getting her involved,” said Lewis.

The devoted fiance searched around the web, beginning in early December, and sent upwards of seven emails a day to Taylor’s publicity contacts.

“It was a shot in the dark. It was never going to happen,” Lewis described how she kept emailing even as the wedding day approached with no reply from Taylor’s team.

On Jan. 12 – the couple's wedding day – Gonzales and Lewis received the surprise of a lifetime. Taylor Swift sent them a flower bouquet and a note for their long-awaited celebration.

Gonzales and Lewis received Swift's surprise moments before walking down the aisle. They both read the note separately, so as not to ruin the big bridal gown reveal.Christina Elliott Photography

“I was in the bridal suite and Brittany was in the groom’s suite and I just hear her scream so loud,” Gonzales said of the moment Lewis saw Swift’s gift.

Lewis’ crew then escorted the groom back into her suite so that Gonzales could take in the surprise for herself.

“I burst into tears when I read (the note),” the loving bride said. “I was already emotional about the day… and Taylor’s music means so much to us ... It’s emotional because it’s so very, very real.”

"It was the icing on the cake," Lewis said of the celebrity surprise.Christina Elliott Photography

A few hours later, the newlyweds walked back down the aisle as husband and wife and Swift’s “Love Story” played over the speakers.

“It was the first time that we were really able to be our authentic selves and to be a couple in front of our family all at one time. We wanted everyone to feel the love and people did,” Gonzales said. Lewis added, “Taylor’s gift just made our day that much more special.”