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See the star-studded applicants from 'The Office' finale

“The Office” closed its doors for the season Thursday night, but before the boss-free gang could take the summer off, there was still the matter of finding a replacement for Steven Carell’s character, Michael Scott — or at least trying to.

To that end, a star-studded list of applicants came in for a little face-to-face time.

First up? Will Arnett played a man with a plan. Sort of.

The next candidate for the job was none other than surprisingly frugal billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

James Spader made for one hypnotizing interview.

Meanwhile, Ray Romano just didn’t try hard enough.

Ricky Gervais resumed the role of U.K. “Office” ex-boss David Brent for his international interview.

And finally, Jim Carrey ... Well, his character never really stood a chance.

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