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See Shawn Mendes wipe out while posing shirtless in funny video

"I guess that’s what I get," the singer wrote on Instagram.

Gravity gets us all down sometimes. Shawn Mendes would know. 

In a Friday Instagram post from the singer-songwriter, Mendes poses for a shirtless picture while on a hike in Los Angeles. But in a subsequent video, fans got a look into chaos behind the scenes.

The video shows Mendes turning around to flex his back muscles until Runyon Canyon had other plans.

Mendes slips down the path, kicking up dirt. As he struggles to stand back up, friends laugh in the background. Don’t worry, he caught himself quickly. And if the fall wasn’t funny enough, John Mayer’s “Gravity” plays over the clip. 

“I guess that’s what i get,” he captioned the post.

Luckily, Shawn Mendes took his tumble in stride.
Luckily, Shawn Mendes took his tumble in stride.shawnmendes/ Instagram

Commenters voiced their appreciation for the laugh — and for the shirtless content.

“King of falling after thirst-trapping,” one user wrote.  

Singer JP Saxe, known for the Grammy-nominated song “If The World Was Ending,” also commented “how dare los angeles.” 

Earlier this month, Mendes released a music video for his song "It'll Be Okay" from December 2021 with lyrics about the end of a relationship.

Back in November, Mendes and singer Camila Cabello announced their split after two years of dating. But Cabello has remained active in his comment section. On Jan. 19, Mendes posted a 12-second video of an unreleased song with the caption: “y’all dig this ?”

“Ur crazy wildcat,” Cabello commented, an apparent “High School Musical” reference.