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Russell Crowe's hair is growing in scruffy, and he's not thrilled about it

/ Source: TODAY

Russell Crowe recently got a close shave ... and he's having a bit of a problem with it.

Well, it's really more like a closely-cropped haircut, as "The Mummy" actor recently showed on Instagram. And we think he looks great!

But as he notes in a photo you'll only be able to see by sliding forward on the Instagram image (you can also click through), there's a particular issue that comes from getting your hair cut that short: it grows back all scruffy and wild.

We love that the Oscar-winning Aussie thinks it's hilarious, though; it proves he has a real sense of humor about his looks. And we'd like to give Instagram some credit — Crowe joined for the first time in April, ahead of his "Mummy" publicity — and has been sharing with us a couple of candid, sometimes silly pictures of himself (and his dinner).

So hair's to you, Russell! Glad to see you're having a good time!

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