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See how John Cena, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and the TODAY gang celebrated Christmas

The long holiday weekend is over, and now it's time to share all of those fun memories.
/ Source: TODAY

The long holiday weekend is over, and now it's back to work and time to share all of the memories that made it special — and that's just what Al Roker, Natalie Morale, Dylan Dreyer and TODAY guest host John Cena did Monday morning.

The wrestler-turned-actor spent his Christmas with partner Nikki Bella by his side.

"She got dropped in the Cena pool for Christmas," he said of her visit to his family home.

"It's a pretty deep, big, tragic, horrible, Christmas banter-filled pool," he added with a laugh. "She did great. I think we had a great Christmas."

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John CenaTODAY

Natalie's was fun-filled, too, as she and her family went skiing. But the best time was had off the slopes when they played the delightfully messy Pie Face.

"We had so much fun with this game!" she said

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Dylan's Christmas was more fall-filled than fun-filled, however. That's because she — like so many others last week — hopped on a hoverboard.

After some initial success with the contraption, she admitted, "I landed flat on my butt."

The problem, it seems, is with the dismount. "The trick is staying on it forever and never getting off of it!" Dylan explained.

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As for Al, Willie Geist made sure he had a great — if not memorable — Christmas, thanks to a Cocktail Courier delivery of some Moscow Mule.

"I can't remember much of Christmas," he smiled.

And while Willie sent Al a special treat, he spent his holiday in Utah, which, he said "requires no filters."

Hoda Kotb spent her holiday at the beach, meeting none other than Magic Johnson.

Meanwhile Savannah Guthrie shared a cute moment with none other than baby Vale.

"Happy EVERYTHING!" she captioned the photo.

Happy everything, indeed!

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