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Dolly Parton had the most clever reaction to Kim Kardashian's new bikini pic

Looks like Parton is a "Keeping up With the Kardashians" fan!
/ Source: TODAY

Kim Kardashian is living her life by the words of Dolly Parton. The reality star quoted the country legend in the caption of her latest bikini pic, but it was Dolly's response that had everyone laughing.

On Friday, Kardashian, 40, shared a photo of herself on Instagram posing on a boat rocking a lavender two-piece.

"Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life- Dolly Parton," Kardashian captioned the photo, quoting the 75-year-old "Jolene" singer.

"Friendly reminder to always take a little time for yourself," added the SKIMS founder.

"You're doing great sweetie," the country star replied on the post, seemingly referencing an oft-quoted line that Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, originated in the first season of "Keeping up With the Kardashians."

Dolly Parton commented on Kim Kardashian's Instagram.
Dolly Parton left a comment on Kim Kardashian West's Instagram page offering support.Marc Piasecki / Getty Images, Lloyd Bishop / NBC / Getty Images

In one episode, Jenner told Kim Kardashian, "You're doing amazing, sweetie," as she posed for Playboy. The line has since become a popular meme.

Kris Jenner Meme
The comment seemed to be a reference the Kris Jenner "You're doing amazing, sweetie," meme.E! Entertainment

The playful exchange on social media between the two stars was fun to see, and who can blame Kardashian for being inspired by Parton?

The "9 to 5" star shared some of the secrets to her success with Wall Street Journal Magazine earlier this year, explaining that she never wears sweats around the house.

"I have my own little house clothes, like a little dress-type teddy, a long teddy, then I have a little jacket or shirt to match if I get cold," said Parton. "I call them my baby clothes because they’re soft like a baby. But I don't wear sweat clothes."

She added that her usual wake up time of 3 a.m. (yes, you read that right!) gives her all the sleep she requires to live her best life. For breakfast, her go-to is egg salad and tomato on toast. If she's feeling indulgent, sh will sometimes treat herself to a bagel and cream cheese covered with cucumbers and tomatoes.

"I just watch moderation for the most part," she said. "I have a tendency to gain weight because I'm so short and because I have a farmer's daughter's appetite."

Parton also shared that she sleeps with her makeup on in case there's an "earthquake or a tornado or a storm and I’m going to have to go out in the middle of the night!" and is a big fan of drugstore cosmetics, specifically Maybelline.