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See Christopher Walken pick his favorite Christopher Walken impression on TODAY

/ Source: TODAY

Christopher Walken is truly one of a kind, but it's his distinctive style — that recognizable voice and manner — that makes him one of the most imitated actors in Hollywood.

From sitcoms to awards shows to late-night TV, it seems everyone in Tinseltown has a Christopher Walken impression in their repertoire, and on Friday, the star himself stopped by TODAY and watched a few of the best.

While there's no mistaking who any of the actors are channeling when they break into their impersonations, Walken explained that he doesn't always get the joke — at first.

"When people do that, I never know what they're doing," he said. "And then I catch on."

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And he has an appreciation for a spot-on sound-alike.

After watching Tina Fey, Kevin Pollak, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey and others channel him, he had to admit, "Kevin's very good."

But which Kevin? While Pollak's greatness can't be denied, we have a feeling Walken meant his pal and "Nine Lives" co-star Spacey, who's impression at the 2010 AFI Awards was really something behold.

You can catch both Walken and Spacey in their big-screen cat comedy "Nine Lives" when it opens in theaters nationwide Aug. 5, but you don't have to wait that long to laugh along with Walken and some feline friends.

The actor brought a few furry — and adoptable — pets with him to TODAY and kitty chaos ensued.

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