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Watch Carrie Underwood's husband try to sing 'Cry Pretty' in funny video

Mike Fisher can’t sing pretty — at least that’s the case in the latest video Carrie Underwood posted on Instagram.

The hockey player was caught on camera singing in the car along to his wife’s song “Cry Pretty,” and let’s just say he doesn’t quite have Underwood’s vocal range.

Sounds just like the original...🤪 #CryPretty @mfisher1212

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“You’re gonna start your new career as a country singer, babe?” Underwood asked jokingly, filming her husband.

“Heard that many times,” Fisher said, before returning to his version of "Carpool Karaoke."

His vocals were so interesting (out of tune) that the whole family started laughing in the car. You can hear the couple's 3-year-old son, Isaiah, cracking up in the backseat (quite the opposite reaction to his mom’s performances).

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Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are definitely a couple who has fun together.

This is one of many times the family has shared a good laugh.

Recently Underwood posted a video of Isaiah attempting to shave his dad’s beard. And another video featured the sound of her son having a giggle fit during a tickle sesh. “Sometimes the most beautiful music isn't music," she captioned it, referring to the sound of the laugh.

Sing-alongs in the car are nothing new for this family either. Last year, Underwood posted a sweet video of her and her son doing a duet of “Jesus Loves Me.” Perhaps we’ll be hearing Isaiah sing professionally one day.

Yes, Jesus loves us...

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As for Fisher, with all due respect, maybe he should stick to hockey!