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See Adele's adorable reaction after a fan accidentally kissed her on the lips

/ Source: TODAY

One Adele fan traveled all the way from Nigeria to see his favorite singer perform in Vancouver last Thursday, and that show proved to be well worth the price of admission.

Not only did the "Hello" songstress belt out her hits that night, but she brought the man up on stage and then gave him a kiss right on the lips.


When Adele learned how far the 21-year-old had traveled to see her, she went in for a sweet peck on the cheek to show her appreciation. But the excited fan turned his head at just the right moment and that quick peck turned into a full smooch.

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Of course, what could have been a socially awkward moment for anyone else turned out to be just another opportunity for Adele to be affable, adorable and very ... Adele.

"Oh, my God! I haven't been kissed by another man in like six years," she exclaimed. "He just snogged me!"

As for the fan, he tried to keep his cool, but how could he?

"I was sweating and hyperventilating," he later wrote on Instagram alongside an on-stage selfie with the star. "I just couldn't believe that out of over 20,000 people I was the one you noticed and called up on stage with youuuu!"

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And if you're wondering just how he got her attention in that huge crowd, this tweet should explain it all.

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