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See 1st teaser for reimagined 'Fresh Prince' drama series 'Bel-Air'

A familiar voice narrates the clip and quotes from the classic sitcom’s theme song, but make no mistake, this take on the tale isn’t playing it for laughs.
The first teaser for "Bel-Air" is here.
The first teaser for "Bel-Air" is here.Peacock
/ Source: TODAY

"This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down” — those are the opening lyrics to one of the catchiest sitcom theme songs of all time, the track that greeted viewers every time they tuned into “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Will Smith can be heard saying those same words again in a teaser for a fresh spin on that 1990s series, which was based on his own life.

However, fans of the original laugh-fest are bound to be taken aback when they hear how he says it in this promotional clip for Peacock's “Bel-Air.”

There are no bright hip-hop beats or DJ Jazzy Jeff accompaniment this time. Instead, Smith acts as a narrator, slowly and almost ominously speaking the lyrics as the camera focuses in on a new star who’s taking on the part of the young man from West Philadelphia who was best known for “maxin’” and “relaxin’” back in the day.

Jabari Banks is Will in the new take on the tale, but as the teaser hints, he’s not playing the character for laughs. “Bel-Air” is a dramatic reboot of the story.

Peacock has released the cast of "Bel-Air," the upcoming reboot of the '90s classic "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Peacock

Banks can be seen falling backward into a pool filled with totems from his past life — basketballs, trophies, ATVs. When he spots a crown float by, he swims after it and eventually makes his way to a throne representing his future.

This contemporary take of the “Fresh Prince” story was inspired by a fan film trailer that came out in 2019, also called “Bel-Air.”

That viral video was created by Morgan Cooper, who serves as director, co-writer and executive producer on the new series.

“With this dramatic reimagining, we wanted to create a show that stands on its own while honoring the spirit and innovation of the original series,” Cooper said in a press release Tuesday. “Because ‘Bel-Air’ is a drama, we're able to really peel back the layers of these characters and themes in a way that you simply couldn't do 30 years ago in the half-hour sitcom format. We're able to go have tough conversations that challenge perspectives. At its core, 'Bel-Air' is a celebration of the black experience through the perspective of a family.”

For those who can’t wait to see more, there’s only one bit of bad news: You will have to wait. As the teaser reveals, “Bel-Air” will premiere on Peacock sometime in 2022.

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