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The secret to Steve Harvey's success? Always being right

There were plenty of daytime TV talkers already on the tube when Steve Harvey kicked off his self-titled show in 2012. But even in the early days, Harvey had faith in his program because he knew he had something to offer that no one else did.

"Here's what I knew: There were no men on daytime TV that had all of the experience that I had," the funnyman-turned-host explained during a Monday morning visit to TODAY. "There's not a lot of guys that's done the marriage thing the way I have, survived it, been homeless, flunked out of college, (and) started at the bottom. Kind of got an American dream story."

Harvey relies on that unique perspective to dish up the tell-it-like-it-is advice that's made his show such a success. And when it comes to that advice, he knows what he's talking about it.

"The only thing I give ... even though it's my opinion, it's laced heavily with truth and facts," he said. "You know, this is the way it's done. This is the only way it works. A man has to be this way to a woman to make a woman happy, and a woman has every right to look for the things she's looking for."

TODAY's Matt Lauer couldn't help but wonder, with relationships sometimes riding on Harvey's advice, does the host ever worry that he's wrong?

"Nah, not really," Harvey said. "'I pretty much nailed it!' That's the attitude I walk away with."

When he's not busy dishing out home truths on "Steve Harvey," he has another job taking up his time. Harvey's also the host of "Family Feud," and as a TODAY take on that proved, he's always right about what the "survey says" too.

Watch the clip to see how "TODAY's Family Fuse" played out.

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