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Second place has been very good to Bo Bice

‘American Idol’ runnerup keeping it real, enjoying new success
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Bo Bice may not have won "American Idol," but it doesn't appear second place will slow his career down too much.

The way things have been going so far for Bo, runner-up has been just fine, as we found out when we caught up with him as was preparing for a shoot with Blender magazine.

"What's the weirdest thing that has happen since you've been on "Idol?" Access Hollywood's Tim Vincent asked.

"I've had some real doozies," Bo laughed. "I've even had some proposals."

Besides the Blender shoot, Bo was also celebrating the release of his very first single "Inside Your Heaven," including his now famous rendition of "Vehicle."

"I'm grateful to be able to do what I do and come here and do a photo shoot," Bo said.

Despite his newfound fame, don't expect this Alabama native to change.

"Has anyone suggested you cut your hair?" Tim asked.

"I've had plenty of people suggest I have a haircut," he smiled.

"If someone said they want to take three inches off your hair, would you do it?" followed Tim.

"No," Bo quickly replied.

"Highlights?" Tim suggested.

Once again, the answer was no.

And unlike other celebs who may not like appearing in tabloids, Bo welcomes the attention.

"As far as you're concerned, the tabloids and everything that goes with it is good?" inquired Tim.

"It's good. I love it," the rocker responded.

But what about the story in Star magazine that Bo's girlfriend is pregnant — is it true?

"Man, you know I'm not give you a straight answer," Bo laughed. "Because then if I tell you a straight answer, they're not gonna write about me in the tabloids. I gotta keep it out there."

And then Bo showed that he's a good note taker, displaying a little trick he picked up from "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest.

"You can give us a straight answer now and deny it tomorrow," Tim suggested.

"The truth is… we will get back to you after this break," he grinned.