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Is This Season of Jersey Shore Cursed?

Mamma mia! The drama hasn't stopped for the Jersey Shore troublemakers since they touched their overly buffed and tanned bodies down in Italy.
/ Source: E!online

Mamma mia! The drama hasn't stopped for the Jersey Shore troublemakers since they touched their overly buffed and tanned bodies down in Italy.

Was Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi right when he predicted that Snooki, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, JWoww and the rest of the gang would be nothing but a headache for the city? He even laid down the law with a list of rules for the obnoxious group, banning them from filming in many historic buildings or while drinking in public.

But that hasn't stopped the crew from experiencing a series of mishaps--permit issues, a Ronnie Ortiz-Magro-Situation smackdown, Snooki's car crash and JWoww's wrist twist--that has us thinking maybe this season is actually...well, cursed.

Let us break our theory down...

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The Jersey Shore stars always bring the drama, but this is ridiculous. Here's everything that's gone wrong starting before the guidos and guidettes even reached the homeland:

- Salary Fights: In early April, the fist pumpers refused to sign on the dotted line for MTV until the last minute due to--what else?--money issues. A source had told E! News at the time that the cast was working out the "fine details" and wanted to make the season in Italy work. The source said the group was also upset that the length of their stay hadn't been determined and that they hadn't even been assigned a house when they were being asked to sign. They all ended up signing at the eleventh hour before leaving for the motherland.

- Locals Hating on Them: Seems the real Italians didn't want any part of the Shore-goers visiting their country. The cast hasn't been exactly embraced by the locals, and the bitterness began before the GTLers even landed, with them being labeled the "worst stereotypes of Italians" and the reason America deserves a terrorist attack. Whoa. Bit harsh, Italy?

- Permit Problems: The cast were set to head to Florence on April 18 when they were first grounded due to permit problems and struggles to secure locations that would allow the group to film inside. After a house was finally found for the cast, their trip was delayed again because of an Italian presidential visit to Florence. They finally touched down in mid-May.

- Ronnie-Situation Brawl: The Sitch needed medical attention a few weeks back after Ronnie reportedly kicked his muscled ass in a brawl over his on-again, off-again girlfriend Sammi Giancola. MTV confirmed that the Sitch did get treated for injuries, but blamed his cuts and bruises on an "accidental injury in the house." Mmm- hmmm. That same day, Ronnie was walking around town with some seriously shredded knuckles.

- Snooki's Car Crash: The Snookster and costar Deena Cortese were involved in a major fender-bender while filming last week. No one was injured when the pint-size reality wreck smashed into the back of a traffic patrol car, trapping it between a police car and a highway wall, but Snooki's license was confiscated after being hauled to the central police station in Florence to fill out paperwork.

- JWoww's Wrist Incident: The voluptuous Jenni Farley was the latest castmember spotted with some banged-up body parts, reportedly spending an afternoon in a local emergency room after injuring herself while working at a local pizza joint.

- Mayor's Rules: When Mayor Renzi learned the cast would be fist pumping their way toward him, he quickly laid down the law for the rowdy bunch, ruling that they would not be permitted to flaunt Florence as a drinking or partying town. He banned them from drinking in public, filming inside historical spots and wanted to feature the country's good food and rich culture instead of turning into the butt of a Jersey Shore joke. Looks like his efforts so far have not succeeded.

- Papa Situation's Beef: With The Sitch stuck in Italy, his father launched a son-bashing tour back home in the U.S., creating a personal website featuring a series of videos "calling Mike on his s--t." Sr. Sitch rambles on about his son's "hard-core partying, drugs, sex and crime elements," then tears into the rest of the cast, calling Snooki a "4-foot-11 piece of s--t." The Situation fought back with a lawsuit filed in a Miami court, warning his father to zip it.

- Pizza Wars: While the cast slave away at the O'Vesuvio Pizzeria, a rival pizza place in Florence has started a major beef with the pie hawkers. Nearby Munaciello Pizzeria has put up a sign in their window reading "Tamarri Americans? Jersey Shore, no thank you. Only REAL Italian pizza." It's translates loosely to "Hey, redneck Americans, get lost."

- That's Not Amore: Snooki and her boyfriend of eight months, Jionni LaValle, parted ways right after LaValle's visit to Florence over the weekend, reports Life &Style. Apparently, the duo broke up after a huge blowout about an incident at a club. Sounds about right.

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