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Sean 'Diddy' Combs 'joins' 'Downton Abbey' cast, sort of

Sean "Diddy" Combs pulled a nice promo prank on his over 8-million Twitter followers Wednesday when he tweeted, "MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY-my favorite show+i'll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST!"

The Twitterverse, naturally, went nuts. "Downton Abbey" did recently announce the casting of its first recurring black actor (that would be actor Gary Carr) -- but for a few minutes there it seemed they might be expanding the diversity of the cast.

Alas, 'tis not so. Not officially so, anyway.

"It's not true," PBS spokeswoman Carrie Johnson told Reuters in an email.

(Note: Video is R-rated for language.)

But all was revealed, as promised, at midnight: It's a Funny or Die viral video (or at least one they hope will go viral), and it is pretty darn funny. Combs starts out the clip sitting behind a desk and calling the show "Downtown Abbey" repeatedly, before finally correcting himself, and saying he's actually the first black cast member of the show, having been there all along.

Then, with some clever editing techniques, he turns up in clips from earlier "Abbey" episodes, announcing himself as "Lord Wolcott, the new owner of Downtown Abbey."

After a few exchanges with the regular cast members, "Wolcott" generously says, "Everybody just go on like I'm not here," which of course they do. Later on when Thomas makes a move on him, he rejects him firmly -- admitting he already loves Sybil and Mary and Mrs. Patmore ... among others. But then he seems to have second thoughts: He does love Thomas. "I love everybody!"

But power quickly goes to his head: "I am Lord of this godforsaken manor and all who oppose me will perish!"

Make sure to check out all of the antics in the video!