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Seacrest’s mom says he has a ‘God-given gift’

Connie Seacrest reveals that Ryan used to be overweight and used to pretend he was Casey Kasem.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

No one is prouder of Ryan Seacrest’s success than his mom, Connie.

In a recent interview, Connie spilled some of her son’s secrets to Billy Bush.

“Is Ryan a momma’s boy?” Bush asked.

“I never really thought about it, but he admitted it,” Connie said.

As producer of NBC’s upcoming fall reality show, “Momma’s Boys,” Seacrest will be putting bachelors to that very test. So it’s only fair that Bush turned the tables on the single Seacrest, through his mom. ( is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

“Describe the perfect girl for Ryan,” Bush asked.

“That’s a tall order,” Connie said. “I would say she would have to love food and wine and have a great sense of humor and then probably be at least a 10.”

“Have you always approved of the girls that Ryan has dated?”

“Are you kidding?” Connie said with a laugh that said it all.

Quite the handsome bachelor today, the 33-year-old Seacrest wasn’t always the svelte presence we see on the red carpet.

“There was a time when he wore Huskys,” Connie said. “It’s a type of jean… if you’re a little chubby. But I always said, ‘Hey don’t worry about it. You will outgrow it.’”

And that he did. Today, the “American Idol” host is one of the busiest men in Hollywood with a whopping 10 jobs at last count.

“I think he has a God given talent because when he was a kid instead of going out and playing cowboys and Indians he was setting up a mic and pretending he was Casey Kasem,” Seacrest’s mom said.

Of course with his success comes intense interest in his personal life. Mom has yet to get used to the prying, including the time “Nightline” questioned his sexuality.

“(Reporter) Terry Moran asked him if he was gay. I wondered as his mom, you must have been like, ‘Woah!’” Bush said.

“Well, when he started out here first thing he said was, ‘Mom you’re going to have to get tough skin,’” she said.

“Did that make you mad?” Bush asked.

“Not mad because, hey, I know the truth” Connie replied.