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Scramble for Britney baby picture is on

Photo agencies and tabloids eager to get a glimpse of Sean Preston
/ Source: Access Hollywood

In an ingenious move to dodge the paparazzi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick actually invited the press to meet their son, James Wilkie, when he was born in 2002.

That's something that Britney, Kevin and their new baby are already onto one day after the birth of their baby boy!

And Access Hollywood was there as the Britney photo frenzy officially began!

At 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Splash News and Photo, a celebrity photo agency in Venice, Calif., got the stork’s good news — Britney had her baby!

“Hot off the presses, it looks like we just got a call from one of the sources at the hospital saying that the baby's definitely been born and that it's a boy!” Gary Morgan, of Splash News, announced.

This was welcome news for Gary, co-owner of Splash, one of the top celebrity photo agencies worldwide and the nerve center for breaking Britney baby news!

Access arrived at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday to find the office in a flurry of activity.

“So, have you heard the baby boy was born before 1 o'clock?” Gary murmured into the phone. “We have been talking to a nurse there who says that (Britney’s) in 'the process of.'”

“Tips are coming in fast and furiously,” Gary told Access. “Starting from the hospital, from patients, from people walking by!”

At about 1:04 p.m. Wednesday, the magazine US Weekly announced what Splash already knew, that Britney had given birth. But the National Enquirer had a posting at 9 a.m. that she was in the hospital.

“Here, we're going to Britney's Web site, let' see if she's made a statement already,” Gary said.

But the Web site didn’t have a statement.

Confirmation finally came by phone, and all the information was recorded in shorthand.

“Now starts Plan B, which is how does everyone get a picture of the baby?” Gary laughed.

Gary's worried with good reason. Magazines will pay big bucks for a picture of Britney and Kevin’s little darling.

“If you get the first picture of Britney and her baby, you are are talking literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Gary explained.

Photographers will be staked out, and if Britney wants to escape the camera lens, she’ll have to take extreme measures.

How will she do it? Gary knows!

“Underground car parked, security with tarpaulins up between the exit of the hospital to around the car, black tarp windows, police escort,” Gary told Access. And then she'll go into seclusion.

She'll wait until the middle of the night, and she'll be spirited off in two or three different cars which will come out of her house and go to two or three different airports, with two to three different airplanes waiting.”

And once she is the air, she is away free until she lands, when someone else will probably know where she is. And that's when the whole thing starts over again!”

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