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Scott Disick gets 'Psycho' in new Kanye West promo video

Scott Disick in "Yeezus" promo video.

If nothing else, the timing is interesting. Just days after Kanye West welcomed a baby girl into the world with girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick has now appeared in a promotional video for West's new album "Yeezus" -- in a parody of "American Psycho."

Disick is the father of Kim's sister Kourtney's two children, and he appears frequently on E!'s "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

In the video, available at KanyeWest.com (note, video contains off-camera violence and un-bleeped curse words), Disick appears as Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale in the 2000 movie of the same name), wielding an ax, wearing a raincoat and bearing down on Kim's friend Jonathan Cheban (who sits on a white sofa surrounded by pages of Billboard magazine). Disick/Bateman speaks in a weirdly choppy (no pun intended) manner while re-enacting/re-interpreting the Huey Lewis and the News scene from the film.

Disick asks, "Hey, do you like Kanye West? The early work was a little too hip-hop for me and my taste, but when 'Dark Twisted Fantasy' came out in 2010, I think he really came into his own both musically and lyrically.”

While wearing Bateman's protective clear raincoat, Disick calls "Yeezus" "the most exciting record so far." “There’s the song 'I’m a God,'” he adds, regarding the album, which drops Tuesday. “The title practically speaks for itself, but of course the insecurities of the mainstream music press will never understand its true meaning because it’s about me.”

And goodbye to Cheban after that.

The video has "Psycho" author Bret Easton Ellis' approval, apparently; he tweeted Monday that he wrote it.



But is it a good idea, or tasteless? Poking fun at ... something? All of those things are possible, and Kanye West is never afraid to push the envelope. Still, even spoofing scene from a film in which a killer appears to get his kicks from brutally murdering women while reveling in his wealth and sophistication puts a strange twist on West's wholesome new daddy shine, particularly when you've just hired a member of the baby's mother's family to do the dirty work.

What do you think? In bad taste or just typical Kanye? Let us know below!