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Score! Lindsay Lohan to guest star on 'Eastbound & Down'

Sure, "The Canyons" didn't do such hot business in the theaters, but that's not keeping recently released-from-rehab actress Lindsay Lohan from getting work. And not just any old work ... work on a critically acclaimed series on one of TV's most respected networks.

HBO confirmed to E! News on Wednesday that Lohan will be showing up in a guest role on the network's "Eastbound & Down," which is filming its final season in Wilmington, N.C.

Lohan immediately took to Instagram to offer up that she was "back@work" and "so grateful."

E! Online reported that a source said Lohan would play the daughter of a main character on the show, and would appear as a bride in a wedding scene that takes place in the future. 

The show stars Danny McBride as a former baseball player who now teachers physical education in his hometown. The show's final season premieres on Sept. 29.