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Scientology reaches out to Kate Moss

Controversial religion wants the model to join their drug rehab program
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Scientology has a message for Kate Moss: We can help.

Reps of the controversial religion are “reaching out” to the model, offering to help her beat her drug problem, says a well-placed source. Moss was recently dropped from a lucrative modeling contract when she was photographed snorting lines of coke.

“Scientology has become quite proactive in reaching out to people,” says the source. “Kate is a woman who needs help and Scientology feels that they can steer her in the right direction.”

Specifically, says the source, Scientologists will be urging Moss to undergo treatment with Narconon, a drug treatment program with strong links to Scientology. Greg LaClaire, head of the Scientology’s Celebrity Center declined comment, telling the Scoop, “We don’t talk about the private lives of anyone.”

Hewitt’s ghostly encounterJennifer Love Hewitt talks to ghosts — not only in her new TV show, but, she claims, in real life as well.

The star of “Ghost Whisperer” says she lived in a haunted house, but a “consultant” — a real-life ghost-buster, it seems — came in and rid the place of not one, but two ghosts. One was a woman who had known a previous owner of the house and one was “a young man who followed me home,” Hewitt told slack-jawed hosts of “The View.”

The ghosts had been thumping around the house, turning on an off the lights, and giving Hewitt the sniffles, sapping her energy. The consultant came in, chatted with the ghosts who passed along messages to Hewitt, then scooted off to their proper place in the afterlife.

Hewitt, however, still communicates with at least one person whose physical form has left this planet. She says a friend who has died keeps in touch with her in the form of dragonflies.

Notes from all over
Lara Flynn Boyle
was whisked into the VIP section of the DMV to get a new driver’s license. The “Las Vegas” star apparently had to replace all her ID because she was the victim of identity theft. ...Madonna may have found a new director to replace David LaChapelle. The two parted ways, citing “artistic differences” over her video “Hung Up.” The buzz is he’s being replaced by Johan Renck, who worked with Madonna on “Nothing Really Matters.” ...Speaking of Madonna, Guy Ritchie confesses that he was “always soft” and that his wife is the tough one in the marriage. “She was up and running in no time,” he said of Madonna’s riding accident. “We went off to France the next day — much against my advice. She’s definitely the tough side of the family."

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