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Scarlett Johansson shares details from pandemic wedding to Colin Jost

The couple wed in October after announcing their engagement in May 2019.
/ Source: TODAY

Scarlett Johansson says her intimate wedding to Colin Jost last year amid the pandemic was "how it was supposed to be — minus the face masks."

The "Black Widow" star shared some details of her low-key October wedding to the "Saturday Night Live" comedian in an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Monday.

Johansson, 36, said the wedding included custom face masks with "Josts 2020" on them as part of multiple precautions during the pandemic. Meyers, who attended the wedding, says he still has his custom mask.

"It definitely was a weird party favor that could only happen now, but you've just got to go with it," Johansson said. "We were so just happy. Even though it was small and intimate, it was beautiful."

"And we were so happy to see people that we hadn't seen in such a long time, and we just felt very fortunate to be able to get together like that. It felt like sort of how it was supposed to be, minus the face masks."

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While Johansson said the wedding was "a little stressful," she noted that the safety protocols were particularly important because Jost, 39, had a lot of older family members in attendance who were in the high-risk group for COVID-19.

"Colin is very fortunate, his grandparents are still with him," she said. "There are several people in their 90s in his family. The Josts live forever, they live so long, it's crazy, and they're lively and vibrant, and they were at our wedding. And so obviously we wanted to take all the precautions, every precaution that we could."

She joked that everyone who attended "had to get tested 100,000 times."

"Actually half the people at our wedding also work at NBC, so we made sure to invite only people that work at NBC, basically," she quipped.

The couple announced that they'd gotten married in a surprising way back in October by having hunger-fighting nonprofit Meals on Wheels deliver the message.

The organization shared a congratulatory post about the couple on Instagram, writing that Johansson and Jost wanted fans to donate to Meals on Wheels to help the lives of seniors across the country as their "wedding wish."

Jost gave the first visible sign of their nuptials when he was seen wearing a wedding ring on the first episode of "SNL" after the small ceremony.

The two announced their engagement in May 2019 after two years of dating, with Johansson later showing off her 11-carat engagement ring while appearing at the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.