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'Scandal' star Bellamy Young: 'Mellie will go down fighting!'

Tony Goldwyn's President Grant may have asked for a divorce at the end of Thursday's episode of "Scandal," but the first lady, played by Bellamy Young, isn't going to take that lying down.

"I want a divorce." Tony Goldwyn's President Fitz Grant dropped the bombshell admission to his wife from his sickbed at the end of Thursday night's episode of "Scandal," and things are about to get unpleasant in the White House.

"Mellie's not going to take that (divorce) lying down," star Bellamy Young, who plays the first lady, told The Clicker when reporters visited the set of the ABC drama last week. "(Fitz) doesn't understand that that is just not an option for him, that I will use every resource at my fingertips or at the end of the world to draw that idea out of his brain and make him understand that that is not going to happen."

She explained that after all the couple has been through, the divorce would strip Mellie of her identity of wife and first lady -- neither of which she is willing to lose.

Not only that, Mellie's "almost crippled by" her love for Fitz, Young told reporters. "To see him transformed by his true love for Olivia (Kerry Washington) is like a knife in the gut, and it's bringing out the absolute worst in Mellie," the actress said, and later emphasized that the first lady isn't about to give up on her marriage. "Mellie will go down fighting!"

Goldwyn said he understands that the D-word is "a big bomb to drop in the bedroom." But now that the president he portrays is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head after an assassination attempt, Fitz is going to do what he feels is right for him.

"Fitz has had a moment of clarity in almost losing his life, and he's done playing games, and he's going to tell the truth and he's going to stick to it," Goldwyn told us. "So he will fight. He will be persistent."

As for what's coming up, hold on to your hats. 

"In the next two episodes, your head will spin," teased Young. "You'll get answers, and they'll be swift and shocking."

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