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Scand-Al! KLG caught on camera spanking Roker

There's a dance mole in studio 1A!

After the show went off the air on Tuesday, the cameras were still rolling and caught KLG dancing with -- and appearing to spank — Al Roker, and of course the footage has made its way to the Internet. She seemed half amused, and half hell-bent on ferreting out the source.


"It's been leaked!" crowed Hoda.

Kathie Lee joked that she felt incredibly violated. "Those are private moments between Al and myself!"


Although she should be thankful that the clips are silent, because she admitted that the spanking portion involved some salty language.


"I said, 'There's nothing left to spank!' because he's lost so much weight," said KLG. "And then he said something that probably should have gotten him kicked up to HR."

Alas, we'll probably never know, but who needs to be a fly on the wall when there are GIFS?

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who pronounces GIF with a hard G.