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Say it isn’t so! Posh snubs Paris

‘We couldn’t be more different,’ Victoria Beckham reportedly said about Hilton after the star made friendship overtures.
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Don’t look for Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham to become new best friends.

British import Beckham, better known in the U.S. as the woman who was once Posh Spice, has been big buddies with TomKat, but the fashion-obsessed bottle-blonde reportedly snubbed friendship overtures from Paris Hilton. “I just know Victoria and I would get along,” Hilton told a pal, according to the London Sun. “We could be soul mates.”

Posh begs to differ. “Over my dead body!” she snapped to a friend, reports the paper. “We couldn’t be more different. You won’t catch me falling out of nightclubs with no knickers on.”

Mouseketeers stick togetherChristina Aguilera is defending her former fellow Mouseketeer, beleaguered pop star Britney Spears.

“Britney is a good person and a good mom,” the “Dirrty” star said, reports WENN. “She’s been under so much pressure since she was a child. I don’t think any of us should judge her or jump to conclusions.”

Aguilera, who is rumored to be expecting her first child with hubby Jordan Bratman, says Spears cares about her sons. “She loves her boys, and they’re turning out great.”

Notes from all overAnne Hathaway says she’d go topless in a movie — though she wouldn’t enjoy it. “It’s not the most fun requirement of the job, but nor is it something that I would ever not do a job because of,” the “Devil Wears Prada” star told Marie Claire. “It is what it is. Some people choose not to do it on moral grounds; I think that’s a shoddy argument.” ... Shakira is asking her fiancé Antonio de la Rua for a prenup, according to reports coming from his homeland Argentina. ... Simon Cowell has a surprising obsession. “He loves cartoons, particularly ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘Sylvester the Cat,’” the acerbic “American Idol” judge’s girlfriend, Terri Seymour, told the London Mirror. “That’s about as exciting as it gets! He’s a naughty little boy but I love him.”

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