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'Saved by the Bell' star Elizabeth Berkley surprises Mario Lopez on 'Ellen'

Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley were reunited this week — and things got a little messy.
/ Source: TODAY

"Saved by the Bell"? Maybe. Doomed by the pie-slinging buzzer? Definitely.

Stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, who played A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano on the hit '90s TV show, were reunited this week by Ellen DeGeneres — and things got a little messy.

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After Berkley surprised Lopez, prompting us to relive all our '90s daydreams, the two were told they'd be playing "Pie Face" with the talk show host. The two were forced to either correctly answer a trivia question or risk getting a pie to the face by pushing a button that may or may not sling one their way.

At least DeGeneres was kind enough to give the celebrity duo some show-themed hooded sweatshirts to protect their outfits.

Host of \"Extra\" MARIO LOPEZ joins \"The Ellen DeGeneres Show\" on Friday, April 29th and talks to Ellen about the rumors that he will be the next co-host with Kelly Ripa. Mario also talks to Ellen about his kids and how they help him at events and on the red carpet. Plus, Mario gets a fun surprise when Ellen welcomes Elizabeth Berkley, his co-star in \"Saved By The Bell\", to play 'Pie-Face' with him.Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

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But the questions themselves remained silly and a face covered in whipped cream seemed imminent.

“'Finding Dory' opens in theaters June 17. What show was created by Roseanne?” DeGeneres asked Lopez, following it up with one directed at Berkley. “In one of your most famous episodes of 'Saved by the Bell' you were addicted to caffeine pills. How much caffeine is in a cup of black coffee?”

Of course, real-life Berkley swears she only drinks green tea, meaning she was left stumped with no choice but to press the pie-slinging button. Luck was on her side: No pie was slung.

Lopez went next. “Dawson had his own creek. Name the five Great Lakes,” DeGeneres asked him.

He started off strong, surprisingly, in the face of such a tough question. “We have ourselves Lake Michigan, we have Lake Huron, we have Lake Erie,” he began, then slowed as he ran out of guesses.

Good luck getting that whipped cream out of your eyelashes, Lopez.