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Savannah spills the details about sitting next to Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at US Open

“This isn’t even a real picture. I just photoshopped myself in,” Savannah joked.
/ Source: TODAY

Talk about some "epic seatmates"!

Savannah Guthrie sat next to none other than Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at the U.S. Open on Sunday at New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Brad Pitt,Bradley Cooper,Gayle King,Savannah Guthrie,Rami Malek,Mariska Hargitay,Ben Stiller,Laverne Cox,20210912 Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev
Savannah joked that she tried to "play it cool" with Pitt.Allison Joseph / USTA via AP

“It’s Brad Pitt! You know, just how you do,” Savannah gushed Monday to her TODAY family, as they looked at photos of her casually sitting right next to Pitt, who was still just as recognizable despite his hat and sunglasses.

“You should have seen me trying to play it cool with Brad,” she said. “I wasn’t very cool. ... I was trying to give him space.”

Pitt and Cooper were just two of the famous faces in the crowd at the U.S. Open men’s final, which saw Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev defeat the legendary Serbian pro, Novak Djokovic.

Al Roker,Henrik Lundqvist,Brad Pitt,Bradley Cooper,Gayle King,Peter Hermann,Savannah Guthrie,Mariska Hargitay,Daymond John,20210912 Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev
There were plenty of famous faces in the crowd!Allison Joseph / USTA via AP

Several members of the TODAY team were in the same area of the stadium as Savannah, including Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry Hager, as well as Al Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts.

Sitting directly in front of Savannah and her husband, Mike Feldman, were “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay and her husband, “Younger” actor Peter Hermann.

Actors Rami Malek and Laverne Cox were also a few seats away from Savannah, as well as Olympian Lindsey Vonn and “Shark Tank” investor Daymond John.

“Oh, my gosh, it was ridiculous. I was like Forrest Gump,” Savannah said about being part of the star-studded crowd.

“This isn’t even a real picture. I just photoshopped myself in,” she joked.

Ben Stiller also happened to be a few seats away from Savannah, and he responded to her tweet about her famous seatmates with a playful note of his own.

“I saw this firsthand and will corroborate,” he tweeted.

On the fourth hour of TODAY on Monday, Jenna shared her account with co-host Hoda Kotb, who was a tad bit jealous, about the outing.

"You know in your mind when you're charming and going to say something great?" Jenna said. "It was like legends of the fail. I just was like — sheepish."

Jenna then recalled taking advantage of the limited time spectators got to leave their seats by swooping in at one point and stealing Savannah's spot next to Pitt.

"Savannah looked at me and goes, 'You're the worst friend.'" Jenna said.

"But then Henry looked at me, and he goes, 'Don't mess this up,' meaning our family, meaning don't get any ideas."

Savannah also shared some candid Instagram snapshots of her with her “epic seatmates” and her “epic reunions” with Hargitay, Vonn and others.

“If there was a trophy for good seats, we had ‘em,” she said.