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There's a lot to unpack in this video of Savannah covering Jenna's wedding in 2008

These days they're friends and fellow anchors, but at one point, Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager crossed paths in a different way.
/ Source: TODAY

Hot off the heels of their tell-all fun on Tuesday, Savannah Guthrie and her on and off-screen pal Jenna Bush Hager got personal again during TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Wednesday morning.

This time, the duo opened up about their respective wedding days in the wake of a new report that claims many married folks hated their own big day. As it turns out, both Savannah and Jenna loved their nuptials, and the conversation that followed included a completely ironic reveal.

It's important to note that neither Jenna nor Savannah invited the other to their event — for good reasons.

In the case of Savannah's wedding to Mike Feldman in 2014, she didn't send an invite because she was still getting to know the woman that's now one of her "lifelong best friends."

And when Jenna said her "I dos" with Henry Hager back in 2008, the now bosom buddies didn't know each other at all.

But despite all of that, Savannah told Jenna, "I was kind of at your wedding."

As in, she reported on the event for NBC News.

In the clip that followed, an NBC correspondent with dark locks and a bright smile revealed details about the big news — one of then-President George W. Bush's daughters was getting married at the family ranch near Crawford, Texas.

Savannah Guthrie reporting on the wedding of President George W. Bush's daughter Jenna Bush in 2008.
Savannah Guthrie reporting on the wedding of President George W. Bush's daughter Jenna Bush in 2008.TODAY, The White House via Getty Images

"Don't feel bad if you weren't invited," said the reporter who'd only been on the job with NBC for six months at that time — and who had no idea that one day she'd be discussing her own lack of an invitation. "Only about 200 of the Bushes' close friends and family are attending the wedding of Jenna and her longtime boyfriend Henry Hager."

Both women shared a laugh over that vintage footage and not just because brunette Savannah dubbed the wedding a "get-down party!" They also appreciated the fact that wherever she was broadcasting from, it certainly wasn’t overlooking the Bush ranch.

"That's like fake hay bales," Savannah said of the décor at the site that also boasted a dilapidated barn.

"You were like, 'This will do,'" Jenna joked. She then told her friend that when she and Henry renew their vows in front of that same barn, "You can come!"