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'Saturday Night Live' hilariously parodies an optimistic couple in childbirth class

Host Harry Styles and 'SNL' regular Heidi Gardner portrayed the expecting couple.
Saturday Night Live - Season 45
In "Childbirth Class," Harry Styles and Heidi Gardner play an Icelandic couple who come to a class for expectant parents, although their experience with the pregnancy journey isn't exactly the same as their classmates.Will Heath / NBC
/ Source: TODAY

On last night's episode of "Saturday Night Live," Harry Styles served as both host and musical guest, and we have to admit: He did a pretty great job!

One of the best moments from his turn as host came when he appeared in the sketch titled "Childbirth Class," where he and Heidi Gardner portrayed an Icelandic couple who brag about how well they’re handling having a baby. They also happen to be professional lip sync singers and Instagram personalities as well.

After being asked how she is doing with her pregnancy, Gardner's character, Disa, responds, "Oh, hi, I guess I'm like these women said, I'm feeling, how do you say in English, 'cute?"

Confused, the class instructor, played by Aidy Bryant, asks for clarification. Styles' character, Magnus, interjects, explaining, "Sorry. She learned English on Instagram. She has been feeling, how you say, 'sexy as hell,' so to say."

The other expecting couples in the class are obviously annoyed by their showboating, which creates some very funny moments and jokes throughout the sketch.

Commenters on YouTube seemed to really enjoy the skit, especially since it featured Styles trying to do an Icelandic accent. He also broke character numerous times as well, which always adds some extra silliness to the situation.

"This was so funny! Harry saying 'for sure my dudes' and breaking was the best part," wrote one fan.

People also loved Bryant's portrayal of the instructor. "Okay but why Aidy is speaking like every therapist I’ve ever known hahaha that intonation is too accurate," one person commented

"SNL" returns next week with host Will Ferrell and musical guest King Princess. It will be Ferrell's fifth time hosting the long-running sketch-comedy show after he was a full-time cast member from 1995 to 2002.