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Brad Pitt plays Dr. Anthony Fauci in hilarious 'Saturday Night Live' sketch

This was funny.
/ Source: TODAY

This week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" began with Brad Pitt impersonating the nation's top infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. And we have to say, he was pretty spot-on!

"Now there's been a lot of misinformation out there about the virus," Pitt, as Fauci, explained during the surprise appearance. "Yes, the president has taken some liberties with our guidelines. So tonight, I would like to explain what the president was trying to say.”

Pitt's Fauci continued to clarify various statements by President Trump. "When he said everyone can get a test, what he meant was almost no one," he quipped.

At the end of the cameo, Pitt removed his wig and dropped the Fauci accent for a sincere and inspiring message. He said, "To the real Dr. Fauci, thank you for your calm and your clarity in this unnerving time."

Pitt also thanked the medical workers, first responders and their families for their service during this trying time, before announcing that the show was live from New York — "sort of."

This week marked the second remote episode of the late-night comedy sketch show. The first "SNL at Home" aired April 11 and featured a special guest appearance by Tom Hanks with a performance by Chris Martin.

One thing is for sure: Fauci will be pleased with the "SNL" casting choice.

When asked by CNN's Alisyn Camerota who he would like to play him on "Saturday Night Live," Fauci jokingly responded, "Oh, Brad Pitt, of course."