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Sarah Palin takes on Tina Fey: See her turn the tables in '31 Rock' spoof

From politician to pundit to ... impersonator? Sarah Palin reverses roles with Tina Fey.
/ Source: TODAY

From politician to pundit to ... impersonator?

Tina Fey revived her Sarah Palin impression on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, and now Palin has turned the tables with a sendup of her own.

In "31 Rock," Palin channels Fey — or rather Fey's old "30 Rock" character — for a snarky clip that pokes fun at so-called PC culture.

Palin's Lynn Melon, like Fey's Liz Lemon, gets annoyed easily, but it's what annoys her that's patently Palin.

From a snowflake-free Starbucks cup to a general lack of Big Gulps, she rants her way through the video.

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And she's not alone in the bit produced by Independent Journal.

In addition to cameos from political pals Lindsay Graham (in a Kenneth-the-page like part) and John McCain (filling the Jack Donaghy spot), actor-comedian Kevin Brown reprises his real "30 Rock" role as Dot Com.

Check out the spoof for yourself and then take a look back at the recent "SNL" bit to see how Palin's Fey compares to Fey's Palin.

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