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Sarah Palin for President? That'd Be "Awesome," Says Daughter Bristol

Sarah Palin may not be running for president--yet--but she's already got one vote sewn up.
/ Source: E!online

Sarah Palin may not be running for president--yet--but she's already got one vote sewn up.

While making the rounds to promote her new memoir, Not Afraid of My Life: My Journey So Far, Bristol Palin announced her support for her mother's potential candidacy, telling ABC's Good Morning America that the elder Palin has what it takes to be commander in chief despite the tough going she faced as the Republican's vice presidential nominee in 2008.

"Absolutely. I think she's awesome," the 20-year-old Palin told GMA co-host Robin Roberts. "I think she's smart. I think she would be awesome for our country."

As for whether the family has talked about a 2012 run in detail, Bristol was cagey regarding to what extent.

"There are some things that we talk about at the kitchen table that stay at the kitchen table," she added. "Of course, yes, we discuss things like that."

Palin's remarks came while making the promotional rounds for her new tell-all due out Friday.

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In it, Bristol lashed out at the McCain clan for not standing by her mom during the 2008 campaign when she came under harsh media scrutiny.

But the ex-Dancing With the Stars finalist reserved her most caustic comments for baby daddy and ex-fianc, Levi Johnston, whom she referred to as a "gnat" in the book and alleged she'd lost her virginity to him while drunk on wine coolers, which sparked debate about whether she was suggesting he had date raped her.

Palin clarified what she meant, telling GMA that she wasn't "accusing Levi or date rape or rape at all," but instead looking back on it, she calls their first sexual encounter a "foolish decision" on her part.

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