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Sarah Michelle Gellar wears 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' prom dress 23 years later

Gellar wore the dress in the season one finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" back in 1997.
/ Source: TODAY

Slayer chic!

Buffy Summers is ready for prom — or rather, Sarah Michelle Gellar is. On Thursday, Gellar, 43, shared a pic of herself wearing the same prom dress her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" character wore 23 years ago.

Gellar wore the sleeveless white evening gown in the show's season one finale in 1997. In the episode, titled "Prophecy Girl," Buffy pairs the dress with a crossbow and jacket when she's forced to ditch prom to battle a master vampire.

For her look this week, Gellar slipped a leather jacket over the gown, and kept her attitude just as fierce. She even paraphrased Buffy's famous quip, "We saved the world. I say we party."

"All dressed up and no where to go. 'I say we party' #safeathome #prophecygirl," wrote Gellar, who played "Buffy" on TV from 1997 to 2003.

When a fan asked Gellar if she was wearing "THE dress," she responded, "You know it."

It's not the first time Gellar's referenced her slayer character in an Instagram post. She made light of life during quarantine from the coronavirus using a hilarious "Buffy" meme in March.

The meme featured side-by-side images of Gellar as Buffy — one of her wielding her magical scythe ax and another of her in cute sushi-print pajamas. "How I expected my apocalypse outfit to look (vs.) How it actually looks," was written across the meme.

Just days before, the star made fans nostalgic when she shared a pic of herself holding a wooden stake. Turns out, she found the item while on a walk, but it sure reminded viewers of all those stakes Buffy used to turn vampires to dust.

We can't wait to see what "Buffy" memories Gellar will bring back next!