Sara Evans’ sordid divorce accusations

/ Source: Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood has obtained the scandalous sexual divorce documents of Sara Evans from her husband, Craig Schelske. The pending divorce has lead to her withdrawal from the popular ABC show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

When news broke late Thursday night that country singer Sara Evans had quit “Dancing With the Stars” for personal reasons, it left many fans scratching their heads.

Soon thereafter, it was announced that Evans was walking away from the popular reality show on the same day she filed for divorce from husband Craig Schelske, as first reported by the Tennessean newspaper.

A rep for Sara Evans released the following statement to Access Hollywood:

“On Thursday, October 12, 2006 country music singer-songwriter Sara Evans filed for divorce from her husband Craig Schelske. Recent events that shed light on the status of her marriage prompted Ms. Evans to make the filing, which was registered today [October 12] with a court in Tennessee, where Evans resides. A mother of three, Ms. Evans felt it was in her children’s best interest that she also withdraw from competition on Dancing with the Stars, an ABC television series that she has been part of this fall, to give her family her full attention at this difficult time. Ms. Evans hopes that her fans and TV viewers who’ve supported her in recent weeks and throughout her music career will respect and understand her need for privacy in the face of these recent events.”

However, Access Hollywood did confirm that Evans will appear on Tuesday’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars.”

The couple has been married since 1993. They have three children (ages 7, 3 and 2).

However, what separates Evans’ divorce from your typical Hollywood split are the sordid details contained within the divorce papers filed by the country singer—the accusations could be considered shocking.

While the grounds for divorce cited in the documents are “irreconcilable differences,” “inappropriate marital conduct” and “adultery,” the details behind the accusations are graphic, explicit and disturbing.

Among the claims made by Evans in the filed documents are:

  • Evans alleges that Schelske “has frequently verbually abused, emotionally abused and harassed Wife.”
  • Evans alleges that Schelske “frequently watches pornography” on the family’s computers and that on September 28, 2006, the couple’s oldest child “confronted [Schelske] at the parties’ residence… when he was watching pornographic material on the television.”
  • Evans claims that Schelske keeps more than 100 photos of Schelske “posing with his erect penis” and “there are several photographs showing the defendant having sex with other women.”

Evans also alleges that Schelske browsed personal ads on the Internet site Craig’s List for “three party sex” and “anal sex.”

Evans also claimed that Schelske frequently threatened her and “told her that she is crazy,” threatened to take the children to Oregon and “continually interferes with [Evans’] possession of and parenting time” with their children.

She has been granted a temporary restraining order against Schelske, which prohibits him from harrassing Sara, being intoxicated in front of their children and taking them to Oregon. She was also granted temporary custody of the children and possession of the couple’s home in Franklin, Tennessee. Additionally, Sara is also asking for reasonable child support.

According to a statement from Evans’ lawyer sent to Access Hollywood, “Sara felt she had no choice but to do what she did.”

Access Hollywood has not been able to contact Schelske or a representative for comment. Schleske, a Republican, had an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2002 from Oregon’s 5th District.

Ironically, one of the singles off of Sara’s latest release “Real Fine Place” is called “Cheatin’.”