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Sandro storms out on 'Project Runway'

Hot-tempered Sandro finally exploded on Thursday. It's unclear if he's been disqualified or if he quit, but either way, he's out.

Well that didn't take long. "Ticking time bomb" Sandro Masmanidi exploded on Thursday's episode of "Project Runway," only four shows into the new season.

Since day one, the passionate 28-year-old Russian designer has rubbed his fellow contestants the wrong way with his disrespectful attitude and raucous personality. Sure, his sometimes funny outbursts lit up the room at times, but more often than not, he left everyone else sizzling mad. 

The trouble started this week when the designer demanded the judges give him some feedback even though he had been declared safe, just moments after the panel ripped fellow contestant and friend Helen Castillo and told her to thank her stars she had immunity.

Back in the stew room, Helen and Sandro screamed at each other over Sandro's lack of respect. Things got even more heated when designer Ken Laurence jumped in to defend Helen, and an endless string of expletives was bleeped while Sandro jumped up, ripped off his mic and stormed out. 

The cameras followed the passionate designer, who berated the crew and at one point even smashed one of the cameras before the show finally cut away.

As judge Heidi Klum prepared to deliver bad news to the least successful designers, she instead dropped an update: "Sandro has basically eliminated himself. And due to his behavior and outburst, he will not be able to return to the competition, and that is a little lucky for you guys."

It wasn't clear if Sandro chose to leave the competition or if he was disqualified for his behavior, but in a video posted to Lifetime's website, the designer made it sound like the former.

"I've been saved, but I decide to leave because ... as human we have to be kind to each other, we have to feel every day dignity. I lost those things," he explained of his exit. "Producer gave me chance to come again and say, 'Goodbye, my guys.' "

He also discussed why he demanded some feedback from the judges, and in particular, Zac Posen. 

"I have issue again with Zac Posen. He give me again those things like, 'Your construction is good, (what) you did for 11 hours is good, but it reminds me of something old,' " he said. "This is what makes me wondering, 'What's going on with you, girl?' Because it looks to me like I hurt his ego, since in the first challenge. And I tell everybody all the time I don't like when people giving me mean face and look at me like I'm a prostitute in a market. I don't deserve that." 

But the episode wasn't just about the over-the-top drama. Challenge winner Bradon McDonald was very inspired by guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his Tie the Knot company, which advocates for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans. 

After his big win, Bradon, 38, said to the "Modern Family" star, "I'd like to take your inspiration and hopefully inspire others and propose to my partner here and now. Josh, will you marry me?"

Awwww! As Bradon had revealed earlier in the episode, he and his partner had been together for 18 years. Josh, who didn't know that Bradon had proposed, also proposed to the designer in a video chat the two had a week after the taping of this episode.

"It wasn't a conscious decision. I had no plan to propose on national television. It just happened," Bradon explained in a video on Lifetime.com. "It's very strange. It's not about a political statement for me, but I guess I made one."