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Sandra Bullock: 'I let loose' with 'F-bombs' in new film 'The Heat'

It's never a dull moment with Sandra Bullock in the TODAY studio, and an interview that aired Tuesday was no exception as the actress discussed her new film "The Heat" (with Melissa McCarthy).

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Sandra Bullock: ‘I let loose’ in ‘The Heat’

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Sandra Bullock: ‘I let loose’ in ‘The Heat’

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But before getting to "The Heat," Bullock recalled her last visit to the show in 2011 when she was on to talk with Matt Lauer about her film "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close."

What ensued was a goofy banter worthy of, well, a Bullock comedy:

"We were here for 'Extremely Loud,'" she reminded him.

"That's right, I do remember that," he said.

"But apparently, I got very upset with you, and then you sent me flowers to apologize," she said, and put on a sassy tone: "I got no flowers."

"I didn't know you were upset with me," said Lauer.

"I didn't either, but apparently you sent flowers," she said.

"Is that what they wrote about us?" he asked. "Do we have a feud?"

"Can I just get some flowers, just for the heck of it, before this weekend?" she asked.

Which led Lauer to bounce up and try to retrieve a large potted flower arrangement over by the windows. A gentlemanly gesture, but unfortunately he splashed water on himself and gave up.

"That is amazing, thank you so much!" gushed Bullock.

The fact is, it seems hard to get the Oscar-winning actress riled up; after all, she's now promoting an R-rated comedy that's full of "F-bombs," as she put it.

"I let loose," she admitted. But is she like that in real life? "Are you joking me? All the time."

Still, whatever might come out of Bullock's mouth in the film, it's nothing compared to what McCarthy said. "She opens her mouth and you have no idea what offensive and hurtful things are going to come out of it about you personally," said Bullock, very subtly tongue-in-cheek.

"Do not lump me in with that sailor potty mouth Melissa McCarthy," she added.

No chance, and just in case an offense was being taken, one of the crew walked on set with another, more portable bouquet of flowers for Bullock. "Now," she asked, "who's got the jewelry?"

"The Heat" opens in theaters on June 28.