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'Sandlot' star Patrick Renna re-creates classic movie moment with his son

Ham Porter knew what to do after his son got a black eye playing baseball.
/ Source: TODAY

One of the stars of "The Sandlot" knew just what to do when his son got his first black eye from playing baseball.

Patrick Renna, 42, who delivered many of the film's classic lines as catcher Ham Porter, re-created a famous scene from the 1993 classic on TikTok after his son, Flynn, 4, got a shiner on his right eye while playing baseball.

"So Smalls (aka my 4-year-old son Flynn) got his first black eye playing baseball," Renna says in the video. "And I knew exactly what to do..."

In the movie, Scott Smalls (Tom Guiry) is playing catch in the backyard with his stepfather, Bill (Denis Leary), when a toss by Bill smacks into Smalls' glove and then into his eye.

Just keep that on there for like an hour, Flynn.
Just keep that on there for like an hour, Flynn. patrickrenna/Instagram

As Smalls is consoled by his mother in the kitchen, Bill takes a piece of steak out of butcher paper and slaps it over Smalls' bruised eye.

"Just keep that on for like an hour," he says. "It'll still be black, but it won't swell."

In Renna's video, Flynn giggles on the couch as his dad promptly slaps a big piece of steak over his right eye from behind.

"If you know, you know," Renna says with a smile.

Renna's fun moment with his son is the latest bit of nostalgia for fans who can't get enough of the classic coming-of-age baseball movie.

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Renna is most known for his famous line "You're killing me Smalls!" He and the rest of the cast reunited last year to re-create that quote and much more in order to help raise funds for the COVID-19 relief effort by Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner and his wife, Kourtney.

The actor's family also grew by one during the pandemic, as he and his wife, Jasmin, welcomed their second child a year ago, a boy named Liam.

Hopefully one day Flynn can give Liam the advice that Bill gave Smalls in the movie.

Gotta watch out for that curve!