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Sammi leaves 'Jersey Shore' after Ronnie goes too far

It finally happened. After weeks of constant explosive fights, cry-fests, breakups and make ups, Sammi and Ronnie really ended it on Thursday night’s episode of “Jersey Shore,” and Sammi followed up on her threat to leave — at least for now.

It all started with a regular round of verbal back and forth from the star-crossed, fist-pumping lovers, but it soon turned ugly when the couple rehashed the “Miami incident” (aka that time Ronnie cheated) one too many times. Ronnie suggested Sammi “be a woman and man up (her) s--- for once.”

Um, yeah.

Voices were raised, beds were dragged and the pair went wild before they went their separate ways.

Well, actually they went the same way — to the club, where a newly liberated Sammi danced and flirted and somehow sent Ronnie into a rage.

Angry Ronnie did as Angry Ronnie always does and started to throw things. But he took it too far when he flew into a full-on Hulk fit and smashed all of Sammi’s belongings.

Despite Ronnie’s attempts to justify himself — after all, she "disrespected (him) in front of (his) face"— Sammi saw the light and left him and the “Jersey Shore” house behind her.

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