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Samantha Ronson's Dog Is Canine Non Grata in West Hollywood

Samantha Ronson can't park her Cadillac in West Hollywood anymore.
/ Source: E!online

Samantha Ronson can't park her Cadillac in West Hollywood anymore.

The scenester's beloved bulldog has been banned from coming within the city limits, almost five months after Cadillac fatally mauled a neighbor's dog in the hallway outside Ronson's condo.

So, what happens if he's spotted in WeHo?

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A rep for the famously dog-friendly City of West Hollywood said in no uncertain terms that Cadillac is considered a dangerous animal and would be taken away if he's caught roaming the streets (or parks, etc.), whether he's on a leash or not.

Ronson's initial fear was that authorities would put him down immediately after the incident, but instead she was ordered to get Cadillac out of town, pronto. So, she reportedly shipped him off to relatives on the East Coast, where we like to think he spent time pondering the severity of his actions.

"I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am," Ronson said at the time.

The owner of the Maltese that was killed has since sued the DJ for negligence, emotional distress, assault and battery, saying she was injured mentally and physically in the attack, as well.

The residential situation doesn't appear to be a problem, though. Ronson has since moved to nearby Venice, where Cadillac is free to live as well, so long as his owner keeps up with his license paperwork, shots--the usual.

Pal Lindsay Lohan lives pretty close, so she can pet-sit, if need be.

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