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Sam Lutfi wants Brit to take the stand

Former sidekick wants the pop star to testify that he was just trying to help her and that he would never hurt her.
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On March 17, Britney Spears’ ex-sidekick Sam Lutfi’s due to appear in court concerning that pesky restraining order that keeps him at least 250 yards away from regaining his hanger-on status. Sam hopes the hearing gives him a chance to break free from the legal leash, and, according to The News of the World, he may get help from a (pop) star witness.

“I am going to call Britney to the stand so she can tell the world how I was helping her,” Sam reportedly told a pal. “I am innocent. I am Britney’s friend and would never hurt her.”

In February, Britney’s mother, Lynne, asked the court to issue the restraining order, claiming Sam drugged the ailing pop star. Sources tell News of the World Sam’s prepping a dossier for his big day and plans to blame unnamed others for giving Brit the meds.

“Sam is a good guy who does not agree with this restraining order,” Sam’s media mouthpiece Michael Sands said. “He will fight it all the way.”

No wedding plans for Tony and JessRumors of wedding bells for Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are just that. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback told People magazine he has no altar-bound ambitions yet.

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“I mean, it’s just rumors,” Tony assured. “That’s what people say. I’m sure I’ll get married one day. I don’t know when.”

While on the subject of incorrect innuendo, Tony cleared up the allegation that Jessica’s PR-prone pop, Joe, played matchmaker for the couple. “I had met her dad a long time ago,” Tony explained. “He was there at the same time I met her, but it was indirect. You know, you just start talking. Some people take a liking to each other. Some don’t.”

Dish on the flyShe loves her concertgoing female fans, but Miley Cyrus admits some of the guys give her the creeps. “When it’s, like, the dad fans, it’s so cute!” the “Hanna Montana” star said in quote on ContactMusic. “‘Cause they’re, like, there with their daughters and they’re singing my songs. And then there’s the guys who watch it on their own. That’s when it gets creepier!”… Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson’s son, Ryder, knows a good time when he smells it. According to a Page Six spywitness, the 4-year-old stepped into an elevator that “smelled like cigarettes and booze from the night before” and told his mom, “It smells like Daddy’s concert!” No doubt his Black Crowes papa would be proud. … While hanging out backstage at a Marilyn Manson concert, Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher picked a fight with the wrong D-lister. “Celebrity Rehab’s” grumpy Jeff Conaway, aka Kenickie from “Grease,” was ready to rumble when the duo wisecracked about his transition from wheelchair to cane. “Kenickie shouted, ‘I’ve had four back operations, you know,’” Noel recounted in a Radio 2 interview excerpted on the Daily Mirror. “He said, ‘I’ve had four operations but I can still pull a knife on you.’ And he pulled out a big blade. We thought, ‘You’re going down, Kenickie!’”

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